EMDR Consultation

Dr. Danielle Hiestand has been an avid provider of EMDR therapy since 2011. After her initial training she pursued advanced training in specific protocols and populations (see below). Along with her emphasis on helping people heal from their trauma, Dr. Hiestand focuses on eating disorder treatment and recovery. She is uniquely positioned to offer support to individuals that are struggling with both a traumatic past and current disordered eating.

Dr. Hiestand is an EMDR consultant in training and is working toward becoming an approved EMDR consultant. She currently has openings for professionals that are working toward EMDR certification or would like support with specific cases.

For further information about Dr. Hiestand’s consultation services please contact her through her website.

Recent EMDR Trainings

  • Foundations of Trauma, Bessel A. van der Kolk
  • EMDR Toolbox: AIP methods for treating Complex PTSD and dissociative personality structure, Jim Knipe
  • EMDR for Borderline Personality Disorder, Dissociation & Complex Trauma, Colin Ross, Dolores Mosquera
  • Mastering the Treatment of Complex Trauma: Transforming Theory into Practice, Kathleen Martin, Cindy Shrigley
  • Integrating Structural Dissociation Theory and the Polyvagal Theory into EMDR, Psychotherapy and a Phase-Oriented Treatment of Complex Development Trauma Disorders, Roger Solomon, Gunilla Klensmeden
  • History Taking and Preparation for EMDR Therapy in Complex Cases, Andrew Leeds and Dolores Mosquera
  • Treating Complex Trauma with EMDR and Structural Dissociation: A Practical Approach, Kathleen Martin
  • Feeling State Addiction Protocol, Robert Miller